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Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 11.03.2010


According to the study done 12-5 was the best option especially regarding concentration. The EB is supporting this and promoting to allow 5 consecutive hours during night. However there seem to be further projects running behind our back. We have to find out more about this MUAC night licence and single man operation rumors to be able to react. Again the board is very disappointed that there seem to be such important professional matters discussed without involving EGATS.


We will ask Christiane to write a report about the results, which seem to be very interesting, for our next OUTPUT.

New licence

The board noticed that on our new licence all the issue dates for the ratings, that were issued before 20/08/2004 are incorrect. We will react on this and ask to correct this immediately.


It was highly appreciated, that Peter Finn accepted the invitation by the board to give us an update about the CSS project. We didn‘t have the chance to further discuss the new information and decide on a joint position of the EB on this matter.

CHICHO Foundation

The EB agreed to donate 500 Euros again, like last year.

New membership cards

The cards are ready and we will start to hand them out at the AGM.

Flight department

The department is giving any kind of support to people motivated to approach any airline for new deals and is trying their best themselves.


The board agrees to support other MAs if necessary up to 500 US$ like in the past. As well we will support Patrick Peters like in the past, if he would be elected as Vice-president.


No response at all (neither written nor oral) was received on our latest E-link about it. If the Ops room is not willing to help out with the shopping at all, the only option is to stop the breakfast. According to Peter Finn we should approach the Sups to manage the system and delegate the weekly shopping.


Philip Marien will start working to set up a forum on our EGATS webpage. Further information will follow.