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Summary Executive Board Meeting February 1st 2010


Three instead of only one programmer are working on finishing the tools from now on. All tools will be done in house. The tool managing the fair share and the point system is the most difficult to develop and it will take a while to get it done. For the moment the focus is on a roster tool, that will optimise the roster and make more preferences possible.

The programmers are working as well on a program that will make the roster accessible via mobile phone. The new leave procedure was published and we have to monitor to see, if it will bring any advantage compared to the old procedure. The April roster was published a few days late, because there was a bug in the program, which should have pubished it automatically. The RRT has to start thinking what would be the best option how to handle the compulsory overtime from next year onwards. As well from next year on, it is planned to have a regular briefing again. For any feedback on RRT please contact Michael Ott, Team H4 or use the RRT emailadress.


According to our new SMART liaison the best option to report NFDPS bugs is the remedy input, which are checked carefully and normally will lead to a quick fix. So please continue reporting, because without your input it will take even longer to optimise the system.

Membership Cards

Everything is set up and we plan to start handing out the new membershipcards at our AGM.

Flight Dept

There is the idea to do a „restart“ of the flight-department. EGATS is willing to support people with travelling costs and other expenses and is looking for new people to try to initiate new deals with airlines (or to revive the old ones) and to work together with the experienced members of the flight department. If anybody is interested to work in this field please contact Jerry Smith Team D5.


We are checking out the possibility of having a forum on our webpage where members can discuss different work related topics.

Photo competition

The board together with Paul is presently working on an update to the rules of the photo competition. The idea is to have a jury consisting of three (semi-)professional photographers and to possibly extend it to all Eurocontrol staff. Of course all EGATS members and their families would remain eligible as well.

Ops breakfast

The bread will be organised and picked up via standing order by the Dsups. The other stuff can be stored in the fridge anytime during the week and will be done by the EBMs. Even when it means extra work for us board members it seems to be the only reliable option to have the breakfast organised. If anybody is willing to participate and help to buy the cheese, etc. Please contact Michael Ott, Team H4.