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Ryanair Wants Performance Based Pay for Controllers

Reacting to an industrial action by Irish controllers on 20 Januari 2010, Ryanair issued a statement on their website. Not known for subtlety (see here for an example), the company stated that the Irish controllers are overpaid and underworked.

The statement continued to say that affected passengers should seek compensation from the Union president. And as he was on a roll, Mr. O'Leary appears to be an advocate of performance based pay for controllers: "These overpaid air traffic controllers should agree to substantial pay cuts to reflect the reduced productivity being demanded of them at Irish airports this year". That implies that if traffic increases, like it has over the past decades, this should have resulted in substantial pay rises as well... It also impact other industries: if there's less fires, perhaps we should pay firemen less as well, or if there's less crime on the streets, how about lowering the policemen's wage?

And lastly, Mr. O'Leary appears to be more afraid of the French controllers: their full-day strike the very next day (21 Jan 2010), wasn't worth a rant apparently.

You can view screenshots of the Ryanair website here and here.

For further background on the conflict, please consult the website of Impact, the controllers' Union. If after reading the Ryanair statements, you don't have enough of immature and childish reactions, there's also the IAA statements!