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Summary of our EGATS Board Meeting 21.12.2009


Ive says he is thinking about stepping down as EGATS president in 2011. Since nobody is ready or willing to take over, a plan would be to redistribute the work to get all board members more involved. In that case he will think about continuing as president. Ive promised to stay on as EGATS president if 50 or more people show up for the AGM.


First impressions of the new office were good for all members. The location is well liked.

As far as we know the project for a new Recreational Building is still ongoing. It should not be subject to budged or cost cutting since the budget for it was already approved. However there are still some outstanding issues with the architect and the building permits.


There are still many problems with NFDPS that are not fixed. We urge you to continue to report problems through Remedy. If you feel that a bug could endanger safe operations, it would be an option to file an INREP report as well.
INDRA seems to concentrate more on meeting deadlines with new system feature implementation rather than fixing existing features which are faulty. We continue to monitor the progress, but as we are lacking a SMART liaison, we do not always get the information as fast as we would like.
EGATS was criticised for mentioning system deficiencies in the summer output edition, however we feel we had a right to look at progress with a critical view. The issue was discussed with ENG and we will try to work more close with them in the future.

Since Raf is stepping down EGATS would no longer have a smart representative. We are trying to find a new one.


There was meeting of MARC representatives with FABEC, at the same time as the last PC meeting. We hope to inform you more in the near future.
From the PC meeting we learned the Eurocontrol budget is going down. This will lead to staff reductions, mostly by not replacing staff which is retiring. So far operational changes cannot be foreseen, but the evolutions in FABEC will continue to be monitored closely.
Ive and Fred will attend the next MARC meeting in January at Eurocontrol HQ.

Annual General Meeting

Date AGM 15.3.2010, 20:00
People up for (re-)election have to fill in the necessary papers by 03 February 2010. Ive will issue this in the next e-link in early January.
It was decided that we will give a new EGATS T-shirt to everybody taking part in the AGM in March. After that the T-shirts will only be available for 10 Euros each.


The Post Office box is cancelled. All mail should be sent to: Horsterweg 11; 6199 AC Maastricht Airport.

The incasso system is to deduct membership fees on 11.01.2010. Since it is available only within the Netherlands, people without Dutch bank accounts will need to pay by themselves.
Jerry is finalising the preparations to issue new membership cards in early 2010.

The leftover T-shirts with the old EGATS Logo will be donated to the Chicho Foundation.


Jerry will take over from Raf as IFATCA Liaison WEF the 2010 EGATS AGM.

Our next EB meeting is planned to be on 01.02.2010.