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Summary Executive Board Meeting August 31st 2009

EGATS Internal

To save costs we decided to close an old mailbox, it wasn‘t used anymore and we are reachable with our address at MUAC.

New Roster

There was no RRT meeting since our last board meeting.

Medical checks if staff is AM

There were no checks recently. EGATS is monitoring the situation very closely.

CSS (Central Supervisory Suite)

EGATS was not involved again in the development, we were presented some ideas, which we didn‘t like very much: There is less supervisory staff needed in the future, so it will limit your career prospects. The board doubts a CSS can manage at sector level as efficiently as the sector supervisor now.


Advanced Mode S is visible in the FIM, and the plan is to make it fully available with an improved display in the coming weeks. There will be a review meeting in a few days, Ive will attend and bring up the problems we have with the new system.


Members, who cancel their dutch bank accounts will have to set up a standing order as the automatic incasso will not work from an international account.


Cornelia will take over from Jerry again in about one month. The new membership cards will be printed shortly.


The next Annual conference in the Dominican Republic is scheduled from 12.04 until 16.04. Presently we are still checking for the cheapest options. We plan to attend with 5 board members.


A new polo shirt will be available shortly. We are just waiting for a second offer to compare.

International Controller day

20.10 is this years international controller day. If anybody has suggestions what could be organized, we will support her/him.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. We will discuss it at our next board meeting which is planned for early November.