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Summary Executive Board Meeting July 6th 2009

EGATS Internal

We are still busy with cleaning up our new office and decided to give a lot of stuff, like Polo-shirts with the old logo to Ilia‘s charity.

New Roster

The minutes for the last RRT meeting should be published very shortly. In the meantime the study to find the best split for the N-duty has started. It is on us (you!) to give our input and try to find an optimum solution. However it will still be a night shift and it will be tougher than day shifts.


The project is now called EROSS (Eurocontrol Routine Observation Safety Survey). They want to start a trial asap to check if it will produce useful results and if non-ATCOs can do the observation of non technical issues. As well they are looking how to develop the system further. It will be similar like CISM or INREP „From the Controller - for the Controller“. The data will be kept confidential and the general results/observations will be reported to the Controllers and to management. Ilia is the EGATS boardmember attending the meetings.

Medical checks if staff is AM

EGATS is fully in line with the staff committee and TUEM. We follow the development wait for the reactions of our management.

CSS (Central Supervisory Suite)

It is still too early to give a detailed explanation. Ive and Vince follow the plans and give input from our side.


In our opinion WB 3 is hardly an improvement. Some things are better, but suddenly new bugs occur. It seems like if they fix one mistake it does influence the system and result in a new one. We are still of the opinion that the updates take far too long, but there is nothing we can do about it.


Jerry (Team D5) took over the tasks from Ralf. New membership cards should be ready in a few months.


The next Annual conference in the Dominican Republic is scheduled from 12.04 until 16.04. Presently we are still checking for the cheapest options. With how many people we will attend will be planned when we can estimate the total costs.

New logo

After we voted for a new logo we are still checking what PR articles we will purchase. Most probably we will go for new Polo- or/and T-shirts and maybe condoms.

Recreational facilities

The 10M€ needed to build a new extension were granted in the budget. The building will contain a new canteen, new dormitories, sport facilities, etc. Vince is the EGATS contact person to ask for further details.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us. We will discuss it at our next board meeting which is planned for early September.