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Summary Executive Board Meeting May 9th 2009

On the 9th of May, the Executive Board held a meeting where the following topics were discussed:

  1. Composition of board, integration of new EB members:

Unfortunately nobody volunteers to become vice-president; therefore we will continue another year without. SJ will take over the membership secretary from ZH. When KC comes back we will discuss who will continue. We will need new membership cards for all members with the new logo.

  1. Discussion about daily allowance - reimbursement of costs for food on missions:

At the moment EB members are getting no reimbursement of costs for food if they go on a mission for EGATS. Depending on the place of the mission you sometimes have to spend 50€ or even more per day for food and drinks. The board is of the opinion that if somebody is already spending her/his free time for EGATS she/he should get reimbursed for a part of the costs at least.

After some discussion and some explanation how TUEM is handling this matter, the EB decides to go for a flat rate for lunch (approx. 15 Euros) and dinner (approx. 35 Euros) per mission day to limit the work for the treasurer and have clear limits.

  1. Ops Room Weekend Breakfast situation:

Bad situation, less and less breakfasts are organized. The system itself works but we are lacking volunteers. Ive will remind in his opening article in the next Output, that we look for volunteers to organize it. On top of that, Steven will look for possibilities for bakeries to deliver breakfast (only rolls most probably) at the guards house. In that case somebody could pick it up there.

  1. New office:

14.05.09 we will move in our new office above the locker-room.

  1. RRT:

The biggest points of concern are:

  •   There is no news on the development of new tools / point system for a long time. We will have to put more pressure again.
  •   The situation of the trainees is no good. Sometimes they have up to 20 different OJTIs per cycle or don’t see the training officers for too long.
  •   The CARTs have a problem to keep track of their team as well.


  1. BOSS: Behaviour orientated safety survey:

Students from the university of Duisburg and ATCOs will observe ATCOs in the Ops room on a voluntary basis and report on the findings. At the moment the plan is to start observations in July or August, before that the staff will have to be briefed. Ilia will continue to follow the project and address in the next meeting that it most possibly has to be delayed. The whole setup is still in the discussion and the timeframe seems rushed at this stage.

  1. SARA - update on OPS trials:

The trial worked OK, but the speeds SARA issued were too low for the upper airspace. Basically the aircrafts need to know before calculating their descent profile; otherwise they cannot make the speed or the level restriction given. That means if it would be introduced we would need the speeds earlier or the LOAs need to be changed making the descend restrictions more flexible.

  1. Charity fund:

Chicho foundation: It was agreed to donate 500€ like last year.

Anja Lingk‘s husband is starting in a triathlon raising money for the Mater Foundation for the Dublin Neurological Institute in Ireland. We agreed on 500€ as well.

On top of that we decided to donate 500€ to the Cliniclowns organized by Raymonde Massa.

  1. Other

We want to get involved in the discussion policies for sickness checks by doctors, if people are really sick. More info on this will come in the future.